About Us

About Transforming Teachers

Vision Statement:

Transforming Teachers believes that the most meaningful way to impact and improve quality in early learning and care programs is to include a variety of practices which support and inspire teachers to provide relationship-based, nurturing, responsive and predictable care for all infants and young children and to embrace a culturally aware, family-inclusive approach.

Mission Statement:

Transforming Teachers accomplishes the goal of the Vision Statement by providing consultative support, trainings, and coaching to early learning and care programs. By helping programs to create and / or sustain a work-environment culture which includes knowledge-building, mentorship, reflective practice, and an understanding of the importance of relationship based work, early childhood providers are more able to support each other, families, and the infants and young children they care for.

YOU Started It! 

Transforming Teachers had to happen.  You practically gave us no choice! You are incredible and amazing – and too many of you don’t know that about yourself.

You nearly do the impossible every single day; being pulled in a million directions, attempting to respond to everyone and everything that needs your attention – NOW!

You wear a zillion hats that on some days, weigh so heavy. Witnessing your work for so many years has only increased our respect for you.  Your work has the potential to create positive Transformation in each child – and therefore, in our society.

When asked “How” you do it, you’re not so sure.  When asked “Why” you do it, you say with certainty; “Because of the children.”  Its important to you to bring your “best self” to work each day.  We want to support you, as you support others.

Learn more about Judy Darling, Director of Transforming Teachers, here.

Yes, you are incredible and you are amazing. 

Transforming Teachers was created because you inspired it.