Judy’s Journey

Transforming Teachers Director’s Journey….

 Before earning a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan, I worked in the field of Early Childhood for several years.  I owned and directed a child care center.  I also have a proud history of working for Head Start and was a home child care provider.  Each of these roles has enriched my experience.

During my time working with young children, I became increasingly concerned about their social / emotional development and all of the stresses families were enduring.  This is what prompted my return to college to pursue my Masters Degree.  I wanted to understand  in a more in-depth way from a mental health perspective.

Also at the time, the Michigan Department of Community Health, funded by the Michigan Department of Human Services, began a project for infants and young children who were struggling in their child care settings: Child Care Expulsion Prevention (CCEP).  I had the distinct privilege of being a part of the original focus group which developed the project and later had the wonderful opportunity to work for several years as a CCEP early childhood consultant.

Throughout the years, I provided early childhood mental health consultation on behalf of hundreds of infants and young children.  I have had the opportunity to support several families and early childhood providers.  My heart always went out to families; listening to their stories and bearing witness to their struggles.

But I suppose what “surprised” me, was how captivated I became by the early childhood providers I would see each day.   Formerly, I did this work – but I watched with amazement once I was in the role of “observer.”  This amazement evolved into an intense drive to support the field of early childhood. In 2005, it culminated into developing Transforming Teachers services.

Yes, You inspired it – and you continue to inspire this project daily.  We are growing every day!  More Michigan counties are being served.  I can’t wait to see where this co-created journey in our commitment to building, sustaining, and healing infants and young children’s social/emotional health, will lead us!

All the Best to You and the Precious Ones You Care For,